This is the Portfolio of Tom Carle


I have been using Adobe products since Creative Suite 4 (CS 4). I have been used to Premiere Pro for editing, Speed Grade for color grading and Audition for sound; trained on Mac and PC platform but prefer PC. The color correction for the first two music videos was done with After Effects CS 4.

Music Videos

These two videos from Joey Hebdo were filmed at night at a private live performance on Sanibel Island without additional lighting per artist wishes. They were corrected for color and edited for content.

More Videos

This was a fun school project for Concept Development class. I was part of a group of 5 people that developed this commercial for an energy drink called 3D Extreme. I was responsible for the first pass edit and the mushroom cloud.

This is a video called “Sinking.” It is a teaching video from Pastor Phillip Gonzales.

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Updated 4/2016