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Updated 4/2016

About Me

What I do

I have been schooled in several aspects of multimedia design in South West Florida and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Design and Animation from Rasmussen College in Fort Myers, Florida. I have experience in video editing, motion graphics, photography, animation, graphic design and layout and small video production. I have a passion for video editing and cooking, but any kind of computer aided design keeps me happy.


I am a professional with management experience desiring a full or part time position congruent with experience and education. I am also available for hire as a freelancer.

What I do


I also have a Culinary Degree and several years’ experience as a chef in south west Florida. I am the Projects Coordinator at outpostChurch in Fort Myers. I oversee the Catering Team, work the Beranger sound board and am active in much of the multimedia area as well. I love video editing and motion graphics anytime the opportunity presents itself and photographing birds with my dad.

What I Know

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